Sunday, May 20, 2012

COPS ARE PEOPLE TOO, Believe it or not!

Why do people always forget that cops are people too? It's a crazy concept I know, but it's true! It's not their agenda to ruin your life. You may not have had bad intentions but the cop doesn't know you. How is the cop supposed to know that you are typically a decent person? They should give you the benefit of the doubt and risk it so their families can lose someone they love and their kids can go without a father (or mother) just so you can catch a break? Come on now, don't be so damn selfish.

 Imagine day in and day out constantly having to be on guard. Always worried about your personal safety. So much so that even off duty you are still on guard in case you run into that not so decent person who is disgruntled over being caught before and might want to take it out on your family. That kind of stress takes it's toll on a person yet the police volunteer to do this so we can breath just a little easier taking our kids to the park and what not. And by the way, volunteering for something doesn't all of a sudden make those hardships go away. Just ask any soldier who has been to war, ask them if it was any easier going through that hell just because they knew their duty and signed up for it. I have a HUGE amount of respect for soldiers as well and I kind of think of cops as homeland soldiers if you will. Different in many ways but the same in so many others. 

So the next time you wanna get out of sorts or start some sort of mob riot, think about it. There are ways to get your views and protests across without endangering those who are just doing their jobs to protect you the other 99% of the time when you are going about your life. I mean God forbid if your Mom or sister is ever being raped or your ever being attacked, who are you going to seek help from? I've never been very pro establishment or anything either by the way, but this is just common sense, cops are people with lives too. They aren't the big bosses or the law makers, just regular people doing their jobs trying to help the community and take care of their loved ones. I do also know that not all police officers are noble. I haven't forgotten that. Some do take liberties with their jobs, or even break the laws themselves. We cannot however let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Civilians aren't all perfect and neither are the police. It's just how it is.

And just a bit of advice a cop once gave me while being questioned and I thought he was being overly cautious since I was just a 23 year old girl alone, "I don't know if you are crazy or a serial killer, those people look just like everyone else, why would I take that chance?". Food for thought. NATO has got my tail feathers ruffled!      

Pinterest Avocado Mac & Cheese

So there is this popular pin popping around Pinterest for an Avocado Macaroni & Cheese which I thought I'd give  a whirl. I mean I adore avocados and I live for macaroni and cheese so I figured this had to be perfect! The directions were easy enough and didn't require me having to buy too many out of the ordinary things which I liked. 

I followed the directions to the letter except parts where they made some recommendations for substitutions. I did opt for the Monterey Jack Cheese vs. the Pepper Jack since I don't think the little kick would have gone over well with my mini me. I also left out the cilantro since in my opinion cilantro is the devil but I digress. 

I should have really looked over the whole thing first and put two and two together. It basically ends up being like a vamped up guacamole pasta. I thought it was okay but I really don't think it went over too well with my other two consumers. It really did taste like guacamole on noodles. I think it has potential though. If I used a different stronger tasting cheese and maybe less avocado (can't believe I just said that). I dunno. I'll update if I decide to give it another whirl. Not sure though since this one took a good blow to my at home culinary reputation and yet I digress once again.  

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Influenster Love VoxBox

So I know this is a little late but I figured I'd post about this on here anyway. This is the Love VoxBox that I received FREE of any charges from Influenster. I just give my feedback and they give me awesome things. Win win! 

So the products I received were some Truvia sweetner samples, KISS Nail Dress, Ghirardelli Creamy Devotion Chocolate, a Venus & Olay Razor, and some STASH Herbal Tea Bags.

I'll start of with the easy one...Truvia. Not a fan. I'm one of those people who cannot for the life of me get used to a sugar substitute no matter how natural or close tasting they get it to be. That being said there are people in my family who do enjoy it. So I don't think it's a bad product I just think I am a sugar junkie. 

Next up is the Ghirardelli Creamy Devotion was AMAZING! The name is aptly titled. It was sooooo creamy and I had to fight the people in my house tooth and nail just to keep their grubby little hands off. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it for the chocolate lover out there.

The STASH Tea Bags were great too. There were 9 flavors which was nice. I love variety. There was only one flavor I didn't really care for which was the licorice one. I think with licorice it's a love or hate thing. I am unfortunately on the hate side of this debate, but all of the other 8 were fantastic. I love tea.

The Venus & Olay razor was nice. I typically use the Venus Trim Spa. I've never really used the kind that have the big moisture bar things so this was interesting. I did like it though. One of my only complaints would have to how you can't place a cover over the blade when you are done. I don't know that they could ever make one for it but oh well. The razor was super sharp and worked nicely so that's what matters in the end.

I saved the KISS Nail Dress for last. I really enjoyed this product. I tend to have nails that bend very easily so I either have to get a layer of acrylic put on top of my own nails or watch my nail polish chip away seconds after it dries. This product was nice. I think it would be perfect for special occasions or dates. The designs are not typically things you could do to your own nails normally too which makes them more special. They stay on pretty well and are easy enough to apply.  I'm a fan to say the least. Here is a pic of the ones they sent to me. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

SNL ESPN Classic - Stay Free Maxi Pads Skit

I thought this skit was hilarious!!! I love when they do the sports commentators Pete Twinkle and Greg Stink! "The Shining" line was obviously my favorite. Just had to share! I really hope they do more Stefon though. He is by far my favorite.
  • -When you have your monthly boo-boo, put one of these near your hoo-hoo...Stay Free Maxi Pads!
  • -It's the downstairs patch for your baby hatch...Stay Free Maxi Pads!
  • -I see London, I see China, I see one very HAPPY vagina...Stay Free Maxi Pads!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Game of Thrones Video Game

I just moments ago I received the newest copy of Game Informer Magazine in the mail. I'm pretty excited about this since I am currently out of games to play. I just finished PS3 Journey. A week before I completely finished FFXIII-2 with the exception of the Giant's Fist trophy. And 3 weeks before that I finished Skyrim. As you can see I am on a gaming high right now lol. 

Anyway I was excited about this issue because it reminded me of the new Game of Thrones upcoming release (5-15-12). I adore the show and enjoy the books as well so I am excited for the game. But you know what that means...there are already books and a show? Can the game be any good? Most of the time with that lineup the game is just a pale shadow in comparison. I am really hoping it's not the case here. 

In one of the former issues of the mag they talked in depth about what's going on with this game and they shed some glimmer of hope on the matter. They went with a lesser known developer who could give it some needed attention AND they gave it a whole new story angle. That way you won't just be playing out everything you already know. I like the idea so far. I just really hope it's decent enough. I am out of games at the moment and am really looking forward for something to quench my gaming thirst. I'll obviously write some feedback once I've played but if you know any good PS3 or Wii RPG's in the styles of Final Fantasy or Skyrim please let me know. I can't play the awesome PC ones out there because my silly computer just can't handle them. I'm going to be fixing that with my next computer purchase but that won't save me for now lol. SUGGEST!

PS- I am also excited for the DLC for "Harley Quinn's Revenge" after beating Arkham City quite some months ago. Love her and love that game so it should be fun! 

Palmolive Fresh Sponge Review

Picture of everything included when it arrived :)

So I just wanted to put a little review up for the Palmolive Fresh Sponge dish soap. I received this complimentary from Colgate via Influenster. Influenster is a site which I a member of (anyone can join it's FREE btw). They occasionally send me free products to test out in exchange for my opinions. This time it was the Palmolive Fresh Sponge dish soap obviously.  You will see me post other reviews on stuff periodically so bear with me lol.
I really thought this soap was great since it basically did what the bottle said it would do. That doesn't happen too often. Its major claim is to keep your dish sponge smelling fresh longer, avoiding the yucky smell sponges sometimes get. It did. So yay for that. The sponge they included did indeed stay smelling better longer than normal. This wasn't a fancy sponge either. Super basic inexpensive variety. You can see it pictured above. 
It has a great refreshing color which I liked. So many dish soaps are green and whatnot so the red was a nice change up. It smelled pretty good too. 
Another claim it made was that it's tough on grease but not on your hands. It was great on grease but I cannot verify how extra soft it is on hands. I don't do a tremendous amount of dishes since I mostly just wash for myself and a toddler most of the time. It's kind of a 1-2-3 thing for me and I a moisturizing maniac. However, it did not do anything negative to my hands as far as I could tell so that's good too. I have a video review up on YouTube which I'll link to if you'd like to check it out and I'll put links to Influenster if you'd like to join (FOR FREE) and to the Palmolive page. Hope my review was helpful :)

Ugh! Time Magazine

So here is my take on this "Time Magazine" cover everyone is going on about:
It's genius. Time Magazine knew that they would get everyone talking about their mag if they put that RIDICULOUS cover out for all to see. It's there for shock value. To get reactions and everyone is playing into their marketing hands. So let's ignore I am talking about it lol. If you want to breastfeed forever in your creepy fashion then go ahead. Just keep it private OR don't get all huffy when people react. You know very well that it's not a common thing to do with a child that old, so deal with it. I'd think pumping is a better option for a child that old if you still wanted them consuming breast milk, but people screw up their kids far easier doing dumb stuff all the time and I guess breastfeeding is one of the lesser evils in that regard. So don't fall prey to marketing devils. They just want you talking about them. It's like fishing for compliments. Kind of annoying and not as genuine as a real reaction.