Sunday, May 20, 2012

COPS ARE PEOPLE TOO, Believe it or not!

Why do people always forget that cops are people too? It's a crazy concept I know, but it's true! It's not their agenda to ruin your life. You may not have had bad intentions but the cop doesn't know you. How is the cop supposed to know that you are typically a decent person? They should give you the benefit of the doubt and risk it so their families can lose someone they love and their kids can go without a father (or mother) just so you can catch a break? Come on now, don't be so damn selfish.

 Imagine day in and day out constantly having to be on guard. Always worried about your personal safety. So much so that even off duty you are still on guard in case you run into that not so decent person who is disgruntled over being caught before and might want to take it out on your family. That kind of stress takes it's toll on a person yet the police volunteer to do this so we can breath just a little easier taking our kids to the park and what not. And by the way, volunteering for something doesn't all of a sudden make those hardships go away. Just ask any soldier who has been to war, ask them if it was any easier going through that hell just because they knew their duty and signed up for it. I have a HUGE amount of respect for soldiers as well and I kind of think of cops as homeland soldiers if you will. Different in many ways but the same in so many others. 

So the next time you wanna get out of sorts or start some sort of mob riot, think about it. There are ways to get your views and protests across without endangering those who are just doing their jobs to protect you the other 99% of the time when you are going about your life. I mean God forbid if your Mom or sister is ever being raped or your ever being attacked, who are you going to seek help from? I've never been very pro establishment or anything either by the way, but this is just common sense, cops are people with lives too. They aren't the big bosses or the law makers, just regular people doing their jobs trying to help the community and take care of their loved ones. I do also know that not all police officers are noble. I haven't forgotten that. Some do take liberties with their jobs, or even break the laws themselves. We cannot however let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Civilians aren't all perfect and neither are the police. It's just how it is.

And just a bit of advice a cop once gave me while being questioned and I thought he was being overly cautious since I was just a 23 year old girl alone, "I don't know if you are crazy or a serial killer, those people look just like everyone else, why would I take that chance?". Food for thought. NATO has got my tail feathers ruffled!      

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