Friday, May 11, 2012

Game of Thrones Video Game

I just moments ago I received the newest copy of Game Informer Magazine in the mail. I'm pretty excited about this since I am currently out of games to play. I just finished PS3 Journey. A week before I completely finished FFXIII-2 with the exception of the Giant's Fist trophy. And 3 weeks before that I finished Skyrim. As you can see I am on a gaming high right now lol. 

Anyway I was excited about this issue because it reminded me of the new Game of Thrones upcoming release (5-15-12). I adore the show and enjoy the books as well so I am excited for the game. But you know what that means...there are already books and a show? Can the game be any good? Most of the time with that lineup the game is just a pale shadow in comparison. I am really hoping it's not the case here. 

In one of the former issues of the mag they talked in depth about what's going on with this game and they shed some glimmer of hope on the matter. They went with a lesser known developer who could give it some needed attention AND they gave it a whole new story angle. That way you won't just be playing out everything you already know. I like the idea so far. I just really hope it's decent enough. I am out of games at the moment and am really looking forward for something to quench my gaming thirst. I'll obviously write some feedback once I've played but if you know any good PS3 or Wii RPG's in the styles of Final Fantasy or Skyrim please let me know. I can't play the awesome PC ones out there because my silly computer just can't handle them. I'm going to be fixing that with my next computer purchase but that won't save me for now lol. SUGGEST!

PS- I am also excited for the DLC for "Harley Quinn's Revenge" after beating Arkham City quite some months ago. Love her and love that game so it should be fun! 

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