Saturday, May 19, 2012

Influenster Love VoxBox

So I know this is a little late but I figured I'd post about this on here anyway. This is the Love VoxBox that I received FREE of any charges from Influenster. I just give my feedback and they give me awesome things. Win win! 

So the products I received were some Truvia sweetner samples, KISS Nail Dress, Ghirardelli Creamy Devotion Chocolate, a Venus & Olay Razor, and some STASH Herbal Tea Bags.

I'll start of with the easy one...Truvia. Not a fan. I'm one of those people who cannot for the life of me get used to a sugar substitute no matter how natural or close tasting they get it to be. That being said there are people in my family who do enjoy it. So I don't think it's a bad product I just think I am a sugar junkie. 

Next up is the Ghirardelli Creamy Devotion was AMAZING! The name is aptly titled. It was sooooo creamy and I had to fight the people in my house tooth and nail just to keep their grubby little hands off. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it for the chocolate lover out there.

The STASH Tea Bags were great too. There were 9 flavors which was nice. I love variety. There was only one flavor I didn't really care for which was the licorice one. I think with licorice it's a love or hate thing. I am unfortunately on the hate side of this debate, but all of the other 8 were fantastic. I love tea.

The Venus & Olay razor was nice. I typically use the Venus Trim Spa. I've never really used the kind that have the big moisture bar things so this was interesting. I did like it though. One of my only complaints would have to how you can't place a cover over the blade when you are done. I don't know that they could ever make one for it but oh well. The razor was super sharp and worked nicely so that's what matters in the end.

I saved the KISS Nail Dress for last. I really enjoyed this product. I tend to have nails that bend very easily so I either have to get a layer of acrylic put on top of my own nails or watch my nail polish chip away seconds after it dries. This product was nice. I think it would be perfect for special occasions or dates. The designs are not typically things you could do to your own nails normally too which makes them more special. They stay on pretty well and are easy enough to apply.  I'm a fan to say the least. Here is a pic of the ones they sent to me. 

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