Friday, May 11, 2012

Palmolive Fresh Sponge Review

Picture of everything included when it arrived :)

So I just wanted to put a little review up for the Palmolive Fresh Sponge dish soap. I received this complimentary from Colgate via Influenster. Influenster is a site which I a member of (anyone can join it's FREE btw). They occasionally send me free products to test out in exchange for my opinions. This time it was the Palmolive Fresh Sponge dish soap obviously.  You will see me post other reviews on stuff periodically so bear with me lol.
I really thought this soap was great since it basically did what the bottle said it would do. That doesn't happen too often. Its major claim is to keep your dish sponge smelling fresh longer, avoiding the yucky smell sponges sometimes get. It did. So yay for that. The sponge they included did indeed stay smelling better longer than normal. This wasn't a fancy sponge either. Super basic inexpensive variety. You can see it pictured above. 
It has a great refreshing color which I liked. So many dish soaps are green and whatnot so the red was a nice change up. It smelled pretty good too. 
Another claim it made was that it's tough on grease but not on your hands. It was great on grease but I cannot verify how extra soft it is on hands. I don't do a tremendous amount of dishes since I mostly just wash for myself and a toddler most of the time. It's kind of a 1-2-3 thing for me and I a moisturizing maniac. However, it did not do anything negative to my hands as far as I could tell so that's good too. I have a video review up on YouTube which I'll link to if you'd like to check it out and I'll put links to Influenster if you'd like to join (FOR FREE) and to the Palmolive page. Hope my review was helpful :)

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