Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pinterest Avocado Mac & Cheese

So there is this popular pin popping around Pinterest for an Avocado Macaroni & Cheese which I thought I'd give  a whirl. I mean I adore avocados and I live for macaroni and cheese so I figured this had to be perfect! The directions were easy enough and didn't require me having to buy too many out of the ordinary things which I liked. 

I followed the directions to the letter except parts where they made some recommendations for substitutions. I did opt for the Monterey Jack Cheese vs. the Pepper Jack since I don't think the little kick would have gone over well with my mini me. I also left out the cilantro since in my opinion cilantro is the devil but I digress. 

I should have really looked over the whole thing first and put two and two together. It basically ends up being like a vamped up guacamole pasta. I thought it was okay but I really don't think it went over too well with my other two consumers. It really did taste like guacamole on noodles. I think it has potential though. If I used a different stronger tasting cheese and maybe less avocado (can't believe I just said that). I dunno. I'll update if I decide to give it another whirl. Not sure though since this one took a good blow to my at home culinary reputation and yet I digress once again.  

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