Friday, May 11, 2012

Ugh! Time Magazine

So here is my take on this "Time Magazine" cover everyone is going on about:
It's genius. Time Magazine knew that they would get everyone talking about their mag if they put that RIDICULOUS cover out for all to see. It's there for shock value. To get reactions and everyone is playing into their marketing hands. So let's ignore I am talking about it lol. If you want to breastfeed forever in your creepy fashion then go ahead. Just keep it private OR don't get all huffy when people react. You know very well that it's not a common thing to do with a child that old, so deal with it. I'd think pumping is a better option for a child that old if you still wanted them consuming breast milk, but people screw up their kids far easier doing dumb stuff all the time and I guess breastfeeding is one of the lesser evils in that regard. So don't fall prey to marketing devils. They just want you talking about them. It's like fishing for compliments. Kind of annoying and not as genuine as a real reaction.

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