Tuesday, July 10, 2012

eSalon At Home Hair Coloring

 So I recently came across a new company called eSalon. Their company says things like "Finally, achieve salon quality hair color results yourself!", "Hair color made just for you...from our lab to your home.", and "A complete salon experience at home.". These are pretty bold claims in my book. I live for my trips to the salon. I love the pampering, and the feeling of fresh new hair. The salon is amazing if you have one you love and a great stylist at the helm. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful stylist who I've been using for years now. There is one thing I don't enjoy about the salon though...the price you have to pay for all those amazing feelings. I mean I get why it costs so much. Stylists need to live too, and you are paying for their skill and expertise. I mean don't let me near anyone with a pair of shears. But still knowing all that, times are tough all around so if I can find a way to save money and still get awesome looking hair, sign me up!
  So I decided to give this eSalon a whirl. They typically have promotions running for new clients. Click any of my eSalon links to get 50% off your first order. After that your shipment would cost $19.95 for the basic route or $24.95 to get the color enhancing gloss method. I opted for the color enhancing route since I dye my hair red which is one of the most difficult colors to keep on your hair. It can often end up fading and looking not so nice if you are not careful. So even at $24.95 that beats the $70+ I have to pay at the salon not including tip or what it costs to cut. So far we are winning. 
  First thing they have you do is answer some questions about you and your hair. Like what you usually do to it, what's it's natural color/texture, have you done anything chemically to it recently, what are you trying to achieve, your ethnicity, etc. Then you upload some photos of yourself so the stylists at eSalon can see what they are working with. I liked this part because I feel like it would give them a sense of who I am/what I look like and that would help them formulate the best medley of ingredients for me. Very smart.
My kit I received.

  The box arrived with just about everything you need to properly color your hair. All the formulations with your name printed along with the date, personalized instructions with your name on them and everything, 2 pairs of gloves, brush, dye removal cloth, conditioner, and the stuff to put around your hair line so the dye doesn't stain your skin. See everything....well...almost. You don't get any hair clips. They give you the option to buy them separately with a color bowl and some other stuff I don't really think you need but the clips would have been nice. I think they should give you the clips free the first time and then it's up to you to clean them and save them for next time or else you have to purchase them again. It's not really a big deal though. 
 Okay so I followed my personal directions I was given and went to work. I guess that would be another drawback to eSalon, you actually have to do it yourself lol. No pampering here lol. But what you put in work wise you make up for in money remember. It really wasn't hard to do. The instructions made things clear. You just have to take your time. I ended up getting all the way through it without staining or ruining anything. No real mess at all other than the small area I had designated for setting the bottles down between strips of hair. So far so good. Here are a few photos I took during the process...
Before: You can see my roots were coming back in brown - BOO!

The length before. Kinda dull and washed out. Sorry for the rats nest of curls lol.

After I applied to the roots.
Now roots and length have had their separate mixtures applied. Time to wait. Tick tick tick....

So it seems simple enough right? But no one cares about most of this, we just wanna see the final product. Did it work? Did it do all that it said they would? Is this truly a replacement for salon dyed hair? Well.....
After Roots - Lighter, not brown, and shiny!
After Length - Vibrant, bright, and shiny!

 I dare say that IT IS!!!! I was shocked! It worked and I feel like it's closer to what I wanted then what I had been getting at the salon. The conditioner they provided was great, it made my hair feel like silk. I naturally have curlier hair so when I can get silky straightness I am overjoyed. They keep track of your exact formulation too so it will always come out the same. Sometimes at the salon that doesn't happen, it varies depending on how they choose to mix it up that time. I feel like I am cheating on my stylist but I like feeling naughty sometimes lol. I will still need to go in for cuts and and treatments of course, but now I can color my own hair for so much less! I just knocked close to a hundred bucks off the bill(with tip)! It's better than the box color too because this is salon quality stuff made just for me, not for the "every woman". I want to point out by the way that I AM NOT A PAID SPOKESPERSON, ENDORSED, OR COMPENSATED BY THIS COMPANY IN ANY WAY NOR AM I AN EMPLOYEE OR PROFESSIONAL STYLIST . I am just a regular person with no hair industry experience aside from doing my own hair. I loved this product so much that I thought I'd shout it to the world. Anyway I recommend giving this a shot if you like to have your hair dyed. They have a wide range of colors. I was worried too since I tend to like an edgier sort of red but this was spot on for me. I hope it works out for you too :) Here is a link!

eSalon Website

*UPDATE: The awesome folks at eSalon have given a great new promotion. 50% off your first order! Just click the link above, and you will automatically receive the discount! 


‘“imPRESS Press On Manicure"

Yay! Another FREE product I got to try thanks to the folks at Influenster and the imPRESS Press On Manicure people :) I love me some manicure/nail products.  So this time around we have the "imPRESS Press On Manicure" by Broadway Nails. I will start off by saying I was pretty skeptical about this product. I mean we all know how fluky press on nails can be. Not so with this product. It actually turned out to be really good. I got the "Velvet Rope" color picture above. 
  These nails were extremely easy to apply. They come with a small wipe to use on your natural nails before hand. Once you have selected the right size for all your nails, you wipe them down, remove the covers over the sticky part and press them on. That's it. It's nice that each nail already has the adhesive on each one already in the right spot. No fumbling around. The product said they can last up to a week. I thought they would last through the day. I got a good full 3 days out of them which included showers, hair washing, and hand washing dishes. They stood their ground. I think they could have hung on even longer too I just decided I wanted them off. The length was perfect too I thought. They weren't too short but weren't diva long. I barely noticed they were on which is good. I do plan on buying some for an upcoming wedding. I want to get one of the interesting patterns they have since my dress is black and the nails will stand out nicely. I recommend these. Just make sure you follow the directions and you are good to go!

imPRESS Manicure Site


“The Many Uses of Ivory”

So as part of the recent Mom VoxBox that I just got from Influenster I was given a bar of... Ivory Soap! Exciting isn't it? Well actually it turned out to be. I received everything in the Mom VoxBox for free by the way in exchange for my thoughts and feedback. Okay so back to the soap, everyone knows what it's used for, getting rid of your body funk in the bath/shower. There were some other uses though that I was surprised to come across during this review period. Here are a few:
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Makeup Brush Cleaner
  • Laundry Flakes
  • Clothing Stain Remover
  • Craft Object
  • Soap Carving 
  • and many others
We (my daughter and I) actually went the crafting route with it since no one in the house typically uses bar soap for it's obvious purposes. I came across this crazy idea on the internet to throw the bar of soap in the microwave! It just sounded like a bad idea but so many people swore by it and even the Ivory folks said to give it a shot. Something in the Ivory Bar and only the Ivory Bar has a reaction when it's in the microwave which makes it start to grow. Forming what can only be described as a "soap cloud". I think it looks like meringue though too. 
    It was a little bigger than this but it fluffed down a little after cooling. I think it could have gotten bigger too if it hadn't gotten stuck in the corner of the microwave and I hadn't chickened out. I mean my husband was standing right there and the last thing I wanted him to have was the "remember the time you set the microwave on fire with soap" story to hold over my head for the next gazillion years lol. After it gets to this stage you can turn it into all kinds of stuff. I wish I would have had cookie cutters and food coloring on hand to make them into small personalized soaps for my 3 year old to give away as thank you gifts etc, but I will make sure to do it around Christmas time. We rolled ours up into a soap snow ball afterwards and I plan to use it to clean my makeup brushed now. For more ideas though you can check out the Ivory Soap website!

Ivory Soap Website 


Dino Lingo

So I recently had the opportunity to try out these new Dino Lingo language learning programs for kids DVD's with my daughter. We were given the options of trying Spanish, Chinese, or Italian thanks to Influenster. We however chose to go to the company's website and try out Japanese instead. I was given access to the lessons for free as being a member (which is also free to join, no fees ever) of Influenster. Anyone can go on the Dino Lingo site though and access mini lessons in all the languages they offer. I must say it was pretty cute although the animations are not cutting edge or mind blowing. If it's interesting enough to keep my toddler's attention though then that's good enough for me lol. Just from the 3.5 minute preview she already picked up a few words in Japanese. I liked how along with the word being said they also had it spelled out. This is NICE since it shows me what the word consists of to better help her pronounce things. We also looked at the Korean one but the words there were spelled out using the Korean lettering so I couldn't understand a thing. Luckily the Japanese has the lettering us English speakers are used to making it worlds easier. If it didn't I would be hard pressed to purchase it. That's why the Korean idea is scrapped. I will however be purchasing the Japanese version for her since we are planning a trip there in the coming years. I'll update once we make some progress to let you know how it continues to go :) Check out there sites because there are TONS of languages. 

Dino Lingo Japanese Preview