Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dino Lingo

So I recently had the opportunity to try out these new Dino Lingo language learning programs for kids DVD's with my daughter. We were given the options of trying Spanish, Chinese, or Italian thanks to Influenster. We however chose to go to the company's website and try out Japanese instead. I was given access to the lessons for free as being a member (which is also free to join, no fees ever) of Influenster. Anyone can go on the Dino Lingo site though and access mini lessons in all the languages they offer. I must say it was pretty cute although the animations are not cutting edge or mind blowing. If it's interesting enough to keep my toddler's attention though then that's good enough for me lol. Just from the 3.5 minute preview she already picked up a few words in Japanese. I liked how along with the word being said they also had it spelled out. This is NICE since it shows me what the word consists of to better help her pronounce things. We also looked at the Korean one but the words there were spelled out using the Korean lettering so I couldn't understand a thing. Luckily the Japanese has the lettering us English speakers are used to making it worlds easier. If it didn't I would be hard pressed to purchase it. That's why the Korean idea is scrapped. I will however be purchasing the Japanese version for her since we are planning a trip there in the coming years. I'll update once we make some progress to let you know how it continues to go :) Check out there sites because there are TONS of languages. 

Dino Lingo Japanese Preview 


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