Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sign My Petition Against Gender Pricing Discrimination

Chromosomes are not reason enough for something to cost more when it is practically the same thing. So many "women's" products cost more for no apparent reason. Things like razors and body wash are a dollar to several dollars more just because they are pink or because they smell like a flower instead of musk. Several other states, including New York, have passed similar laws protecting consumers and it's time Illinois had the same protection. If something truly cost more to make then by all means I can understand why it would cost more, but there are several products that are the same just different color or in different gender based packaging that are priced more just because they know we have no choice and will pay for it. This is not for women alone. There are several "men's" products and services priced higher than the same products and services for women. We need equality and fairness in our pricing. We can not let manufacturers and brands get away with this.

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