Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Original Dish Drying Mat

Another product I received in the Influenster 2012 Naturals VoxBox was The Original Dish Drying Mat. It's a pretty neat thing. It's used to places dishes on or to put your dish rack on top of and it's supposed to absorb the water that comes off the dishes. It's supposed to be eco- friendly by conserving energy and paper towels by air drying, and saves water by hand washing. I don't know about all that but it did do a good job absorbing water. I can see how it would save paper towels but if you are going to use the dishwasher there is no need to take them out and do something else since the water can just go to the bottom of the washer. I don't usually use a dish mat by the way. I have a double sink so I just put the dish rack in the sink I don't use and the excess water just goes down the drain. If I did need a dish mat though, this one would be great. It absorbs well like I said and drys fast after the fact. I wish it came in more color options but I am sure as I am typing this they are already coming up with that. 
It retails for $4.99 which is a steal I think. You can't beat that price and it's a good product if you need a dish mat. It's a GOOD BUY for those who use mats.  

*I received this item free of charge in exchange for my feedback.

The Original Dish Drying Mat Website

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