Friday, February 22, 2013

My New Nylon Addiction!

Mermaid Leggings and Muscle Leggings from Black Milk Clothing
     So I have a confession to make. Over the last few months I have developed a nylon obsession with the emphasis on leggings. My current dealer for said addiction is Black Milk Clothing. I am head over heels for this brand with a few exceptions. They aren't US based (yet, they are working on a US hub, so are problems will all be solved) so shipping tends to be a little higher than what someone might normally be used to at around $12.95 (I do understand Australia is forever and a day away, I get it) for standard taking around 2 weeks or so to arrive. Also if you spend over $200 with them you end up being subject to customs fees so just keep that under the $200 and you are good. The company is Australian and I think that's pretty cool, no qualms there.

  All the girls who are fans are referred to as "Sharkies". Like our own private little club to support each other in rationing our nylon addictions. I personally have two pairs of Black Milk leggings currently in my collection and am drooling over several more. The only thing in my way is the price point averaging around $75 a pair. I will say however that the leggings are gorgeous and extremely well made so if you can afford them they are worth it. For example, I have the muscle pair shown above and all the bones and muscles hit right where they are supposed to so that they are anatomically correct. My toddler gets a kick out of lifting up my dress and exposing the glutes and saying "Mommy it's your butt" lol. So they are more than just a piece of clothing, they will also entertain your children lol.

  I love that these pieces also end up being conversation pieces. I like getting a look for wearing a seemingly normal black dress and when people scan down, their eyes open a little wider. A statement piece! I wore the muscle leggings to a photo shoot recently that my daughter was modeling in and the photographer stopped to comment on my muscle leggings. I am sure this guy has seen some odd things in his day being that he photographs for some major brands but he stopped to tell me "Those are the most wild leggings I have ever seen" with a huge smile on his face. I replied saying "thank you very much" whilst executing a curtsey lol, to which he said "they are awesome". Fantastic!

  The company has other items as well. They have tops which I can live without at the moment and are a little expensive for what I would typically pay for a top. More to the point though, some are a little more revealing than what I feel my body type calls for. They are starting to put out "Evil Cheerleader" dresses though, which have really caught my attention. I love the fun flirty silhouette and they are great at covering your rear while showing off any leggings you might be sporting. I can't wait to see what other fabric options they'll come in. Now about their swimsuits...LOVE. I don't own one yet but I will! They are mostly all one piece! Yes!!!! Finally a one piece that is fabulous, edgy, and not matronly. This summer I will have one! My standout pieces are the Ariel/JAWS combo and anything skeletal or muscle in nature. Can you imagine the looks at the local pool?! Eek!!! :)

   So I figured anything this great has to already have competition somewhere in the works right? I mean hello capitalism and non monopolies and all that.  I searched around the ol' inter web and couldn't come up with anything too comparable. Black Milk has amazing quality, awesome fabrics (from LOTR, Star Wars, outer space galaxy, etc), and fantastic selection of extraordinary styles. So I just figured well, I guess I am going to have to pay extra to have these awesome styles imported...well, maybe not. As luck would have it a legging company asked to follow ME (wha?) on Twitter. My guess is because I follow Black Milk on twitter. I know how marketing works lol. This company is called "Galaxy Legs", and while they aren't as big as Black Milk (yet?) or have as large of  a selection they just might be the answer to my current addiction roadblocks. Right now they have a good selection of Galaxy Legging styles. I can't comment on the quality yet though. Their price point is way more friendly and they are US based! No customs fees or high shipping charges. The Galaxy Legs run around $55 a pair but these, unlike Black Milk, go on sale. You can snag a pair for $35. Not too shabby. Now that is if they are of comparable quality. The jury is out on that. Hopefully I can snag a pair and do a full analysis before I can spread the gospel of the US girl's liberation from solely surviving on Black Milk alone (I'll never totally quit you Black Milk, I can't quit you hehe). I'll write a full report on the blog once I have a verdict. My guess is if they are in fact awesome, then more styles and versatility will come. We shall see....

Galaxy Paint Leggings from
See for yourself!
Black Milk Website
Galaxy Legs Website

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC

Here is my new review for ABC's new show "The Taste". I like this show because the competing chefs get to prepare one bite for a blind taste test. No playing favorites or judging people on anything other than their food. I'm not a huge fan of all the judges though. They are kind of bland with the exception of Nigella Lawson. I do like her very much. If the show carries on for another season I am sure they will shake up the judging panel, but even if they didn't these judges are all very successful and experts in their respective fields so it still works. I'm still on the fence about the judges choosing teams. I haven't decided if I like that part of the format. I guess I am just going to have to keep watching and decide. How exciting! Now if only I could figure out a way to not get hungry watching it lol.

Here is a link to their most recent episode so you can see for yourself!